Volvo FM (Forward Control Medium Height Cab) Electric

One of the three new models of Volvo Trucks, Volvo FM is a flexible, sustainable, and reliable electric truck that is used for all kinds of transportation. The truck doesn’t emit any gases into the environment. It also doesn’t make a lot of noise while running which assures less noise pollution and a comfortable journey for the drivers. Whether it is the delivery of groceries, transportation of containers, services related to cranes, or any other projects in metropolitan areas, Volvo FM is the go-to truck.

Volvo FM Electric trucks have been manufactured to minimize the impact on the environment while operating. As these trucks come with zero-exhaust gases, they can be used in zero-emission zones. They can even operate at routes or times at which their diesel counterparts can’t. Volvo FM are electric trucks and to make the transition to electric vehicles seamless and easy, customers are also provided services, support packages for charging, battery pack monitoring, route planning, range optimization, and others.

Be in control and improve productivity

Making Volvo a part of your fleet is easy and the Gold Contract offered by the company makes it even more so. The contract comes with regular battery monitoring, predictive and preventive service, secure uptime, deliveries, and others. Follow-up reports, energy usage, route optimization, range planning, and other services related to truck usage have also been added to this contract. You can also get access to all the vital information related to charging, heating, and other parameters using the MyTruck app. The services and maintenance listed above can be accessed via the Connect Portal offered by Volvo. Not only will you be able to maximize productivity, but you will also be assisted on your way to transition from diesel to electric trucks.

Smooth and powerful powertrain

The smooth and powerful powertrain of the Volvo FM Truck offers the following advantages.

  • Smooth drive- The I-Shift gearbox & electric motors together assure the provision of a powerful and smooth drive.
  • Unique traction control- the traction control system of this truck handles 466kW/666 hp and helps you drive safely on slippery surfaces.
  • Custom drive modes- you can select from different drive modes that let you adjust energy usage, comfort, and performance.
  • Maximized efficiency- the 540kWh power produced by six packs of batteries is enough for many haul assignments in the region.

Features & specifications of Volvo FM Truck

Features                            Volvo FM Electric

Axle Configurations​        Tractor: 4×2, 6×2​, 6×4

                                           Rigid: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4

                                           All axles are air suspended

Gross Combination         Up to 44 tonnes



Cab​                                    Low day cab, day cab, low sleeper cab,

                                           sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab


Battery capacity             180–540 kWh, 2-6 batteries


Charging time                 9.5h with AC (43 kW)

(full charge​)              2.5h with DC (250 kW)


Range                               Up to 300 km (6×2 rigid box body)

Driveline                          2–3 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox

Performance                        Up to 330–490 kW (450–666 hp) continuous power

Applications                   Suitability for body-work. 3 PTO:s (electrical, mechanical, and transmission)



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