Tips for proper truck wheel maintenance

The wheels of a tractor-trailer are usually exposed to the road weather 100,000 times in a year.

That’s a lot of hardware changes that keep you on track.

In an eighteen wheeler truck you have five axles – each with two wheels at each end.

Maintaining each part of the system properly is important if you want your car to have a long, trouble-free life.

A good maintenance plan should focus on protecting the wheels from damage

excessive wear and wheel damage, ensuring that the lug nuts remain stable during normal operation.

and protects the ends of the wheels, so that the bearings are well covered with oil.

The finish of your cruiser wheels is constantly being eaten away by exposure to air, road grime, harsh chemicals and weather conditions, depending on where you drive.

Finishing steel wheels and cleaning aluminum wheels is critical to preventing wheel damage, as well as keeping your boat supported and safe.

The DOT sticker on each truck wheel creates something like a wear tracking system.

During your regular maintenance session, it’s important to remove the wheels and check that the stamp is still readable.

If the DOT stamp is not readily visible, the wheel is considered “unserviceable”


Driving with damaged wheels is a risk you don’t want to take.

The risk of failure increases significantly with even a small amount of wheel corrosion

which is why it is important to ensure that they are always properly maintained.

OSHA knows this, that’s why they implemented regulations for the removal of dirt and rust from wheels in 1984.

We quickly rallied to provide the first and only turnkey business process to finish the industry steel wheels.

The IMI MILCURE Steel Wheel Finishing System is the industry standard for protecting your vehicle wheels

and is an essential service in addition to your fleet maintenance program.

Our industry standard MILCURE steel wheel finishing system makes wheel maintenance easy.

It takes the wheel through a 3 step process where the wheel goes through the inspection, sanding and finishing process.

The result is a wheel that will last longer and meet the safety requirements established by the OHSA.

The effectiveness of the MILCURE system comes from using a unique blasting process and powder coating system.


If your boat runs on aluminum wheels, cleaning them properly will keep them safe

the IMI ALUMINATOR Aluminum Wheel Cleaning System is our solution designed with safety and appearance in mind.

We think it is innovative because this process effectively removes grease, concrete, asphalt, brake dust and corrosion

cleaning the entire surface of the aluminum wheel instead of just one part.

Your service dealer can accurately diagnose damage to the aircraft wheel that can pose a safety hazard on the road.

“We deliberately designed the entire system to be clean without cutting or removing the profile of the wheels keeping the DOT stamp on the wheel in line with industry standards,” said Bob Fogal.

The IMI ALUMINATOR system is a 3-part system that cleans, polishes and finishes aluminum wheels, giving them a clean, matte finish.

Another finishing option can be chosen to shine the aluminum wheels.

“There is now a good way for boats to keep their aluminum wheels, which also improves the image of the boat.

As a result, the fleet is safe for their customers, public officials and road safety officials, which will help them to work efficiently.


The standard thickness of the paint on the wheel is 3.5 mil to prevent the lug nut from leaving the road.

Too many bad nuts can cause the wheel to come off the axle, which is a situation you want to avoid.

Installing a CHECKPOINT-like lug nut display system is quick and easy.

It allows your driver to follow lug nut maintenance while in the field and avoid major problems.

Why not incorporate this simple element into your boat’s wheel maintenance program?

Just for peace of mind you should install CHECKPOINT on all your trucks.

WHY Fleet wheel Care Is So Important

The cost to replace a single truck wheel is over $100 per axle – prices start in the thousands of dollars for a single axle.

An active wheel alignment program keeps your truck running smoothly

extends the life of your tires and produces less downtime, increasing the productivity of your fleet.

Your drivers will appreciate the peace of mind of a well-maintained vehicle.

By keeping the wheel well sealed, you will increase the life of your tires

the wear and tear that will need to be replaced.

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