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As an OTR road tire specialist, you are always working to help some of the hardest working companies on the planet succeed in their tire solutions.

Our Alrashed Tires experts put a lot of effort into doing tire research, analyzing data and recommending the right product for your application.

Underground mining, mills, factories, landfills and landfills, construction, industrial and industrial facilities all have special areas of operation.

their accessories are heavy, therefore, the correct solution of tires is not universal for all people.

It’s about knowing how your Alrashed OTR and industry expert can guide you to the right product.

Our Alrashed Tires experts also have access to the industry’s best product range to build your solution.

We have a large selection of the most successful brands when it comes to new tires and we also offer OTR rereading.

Rereading is often an economical and reliable option.

Other products to use include solid, pneumatic, polyurethane filled tires, rubber tracks, wheels and Trojan Soft Core.

The Trojan Soft Core product provides proven results in its applications, and is often the best choice.

Check out these benefits:

Soft Core eliminates costly downtime from flat tires for better performance.

it offers your lowest hourly costs compared to pneumatic, polyurethane filled and solid tires.

the Soft Core is 100% reusable for the lowest hourly cost.

it increases load capacity up to 50% and increases tire hours.

Trojan Soft Core removes air = no explosive power.

a Trojan Soft Core is easy to manage and good for the environment.

What is Trojan Soft Core:

A specially designed cellular rubber layer is placed inside the tire.

Trojan Air-Cells adapt to the tire load to absorb the shock, providing an air-like flight for the machine and the operator.
Trojan Tire Inc.

is the developer of the patented Soft Core

Trojan Air-Cell Rubber Tire Fill Technology.
Alrashed Tires is the exclusive distributor in the Alrashed road tire service area.

Why you should shop your OTR tires from Al Rashed Tires?
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