Selecting the correct tire for your trucks and vehicles

A flat tire that causes air loss is a common problem on the road, So you should choose the correct tire.

Inflation due to under-inflation causes excessive stress on your tires and will lead to premature tire replacement.

In the long run, this will lead to higher wages and increased overtime.

Semi-trailer truck tires are excellent anti-repair materials that will seal punctures and prevent air leaks from your tires.

Not all semi-trailer tire sealants are created equal, and it’s important to know the ingredients in the sealant you’re using the the correct tire.

Glycol causes water to make putty acidic over time.

If your tire sealant contains glycol, you run a greater risk of damage to the surface of your rim.

In turn, this will create a need for frequent rim contact.

We have created a line of tire sealants that are completely glycol-free and 100% biodegradable.

They will help prevent air from rusting and they won’t rust or cause damage to your wheels.

We’ve created a helpful guide to find the right sealant option for you!

What is the best sign for your application?

Since 1973, we have created many brands of products to suit different working conditions.

The original STS tire markings are designed to be anti-slip for large and small tires, marking up to ¼” for the life of the the correct tire.

This brand is designed for high RPM tires such as agricultural tires, short trucks, lawn and garden equipment, and ATVs.

We ended up creating different sealants for different uses and applications, because not all tires are created equal!

Our entire line of tires repair inner tire defects and prevent rotting and cracking of the tire’s inner lining.

the correct tire is also good for the environment.

Specially formulated with added corrosion resistance for high-end applications such as dump, public transport and commercial OTR trucks, ECO SEAL is non-corrosive and corrosive.

Even after prolonged exposure to light, this coating will not damage your wheels.
Our brand of OTR tires were developed for applications that struggle with bead leakage and grass damage.

This seal is designed with low viscosity to repair large off-road tire wear.

It is best used in low rpm applications such as OTR tires and agricultural tires.

Industrial and agricultural applications with wet tires can benefit from our STS Concentrate.

It works well in any water and will always seal stains.

Commonly used in OTR tires, Mining and Forestry tires, TOTAL is our tire and wheel cover.

TOTAL is specially designed for tires that suffer heavy crashes instead of punctures.

This cover helps adjust the heel and bridle area for alignment and assembly.


We are passionate about serving our customers with high quality solutions like our brand of tires.

If you still have questions about the best tire sealant options for your tires, you can take our sealant quiz today or contact us!

Guide to agriculture tire maintenance

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