One fact about commercial vehicle tire rotation that cannot be disputed is that retreading is beneficial money.

We know that recycling is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, but recycling has also proven to be a big investment and saves fleets money.

Reduced spending on natural resources translates into savings at the fleet level.

These savings go hand in hand.

Facts from the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) shed more light on this topic from a US economic perspective.

Readiness and repair saves the US economy more than $500 million annually.

“saves fleet money”

Retreading a tire requires 7 gallons of fuel, while a new tire requires 22 gallons of fuel.

With 14 million tires retreaded in the United States each year, this saves over 210 gallons of fuel , it’s huge money.

The maintenance of these facilities is equivalent to the maintenance fee for the vessel.

By having a proper retreading program, you can extend the life of your existing tire covers by retreading them.

A boater will get a great tire discount from the first tire he buys.

A Ford fleet has already purchased a valuable asset in the initial purchase of new tires, so once the retreading process begins, the fleet receives immediate cashback.

There is also a maintenance benefit, because the boats will be able to improve the life of the tires, according to the type of load used and the climbing conditions.

Tires don’t wear as well as tires

With proper care, you can expect to live a long and healthy life and saves money.

The key is to use good quality coatings and proven retreading methods such as Goodyear’s Unicircle and

Precure methods.

A long life cycle can be:

  • New steering wheel tires
  • Rolled like an engine tire
  • Read like a trailer tire
  • Finally, by creating a solid reclamation program, it will be a great protection for your boat in the long run.

alrashed tires

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