How Can Wheel Alignment Benefit Your Fleet?

How Can Wheel Alignment Benefit Your Fleet?

How can wheel alignment benefit your boat operation?
The first and second largest operating expenses in road transport are fuel and tires.

Both are consider difficult to control.

Regular tire maintenance is the most effective way to control tire wear and can also affect fuel costs.

Between 70 and 80% of heavy vehicles on the road today are not compatible.

The problems created by poor design:

  • Excessive tire wear
  • The increase in fuel consumption is caused by the increase in compensation
  • Dangerous driving characteristics
  • Driver fatigue and driver retention
  • quick wear of the suspension
  • The travel industry as a whole finds it difficult to manage the outsourcing of fast and accurate planning services performed by qualified professionals.
  • Therefore, the repair is usually done after the damage.

Simply putting in an in-vehicle or preventive maintenance program makes it easier for operators to keep money that is thought to be out of control.

At least two to three alignments are recommended annually (or every 50,000 to 60,000 miles) as part of the average vehicle maintenance schedule.

always consider wheel alignment

Why don’t we always consider wheel alignment as a limiting factor in our cars?

Foot rehabilitation is often overlooked but can cause significant damage over time.

Below are 6 benefits of making sure you make wheel alignment a regular service for your car.

Gasoline Efficiency 

A poorly maintained vehicle can reduce gas mileage by 10%.

With a large car or truck, this will force more stops at gas stations and come at a cost, especially over time.

A bad car causes its tires to drag instead of rolling freely.

Wheel alignment will help you save fuel and spend less money on the pump.

Easy Driving 

When your car’s tires are out of alignment, your car will pull to the left or right, causing it to feel awkward, speed while driving.

Proper wheel alignment gives your car a smooth ride and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Better Steering 

If your car’s wheels are not aligned, it will be difficult to drive properly.

The configuration of your car may cause you to hold the steering wheel at different angles, just to make the car roll or move from side to side.


We cannot stress enough about the safety of improper footrests.

Lack of control due to poor suspension will make it difficult to drive your car when there are bumps in the road or if you need to move your car quickly to avoid an accident.

Just enough security to worry about making sure your car is in good shape.

A Few Fixes

The wrong car can lead to bigger problems that will cost you more down the road.

If you don’t avoid road damage or pavement debris, you can damage your tires and suspension.

A small investment in regular tire maintenance can save you from paying for expensive repairs down the road.

Tire Life

Your vehicle’s configuration can lead to uneven tire life and shorter tread life.

Waiting too long to get a wheel alignment can leave you needing new tires sooner than you should.

If your vehicle has problems driving or you notice that the tires are worn out or the tire wear is worn out, you should bring your vehicle in to be checked for repairs.

Below are three types of tire wear to watch out for


a tire wing wing or curved tire that occurs when the ribs are worn down or soft on one side and up or sharp on the other side.

This is a clear sign of a car with the wrong tires.

Camber wear

If the inside or outside of your tire wears more than the center of your tire, it may be camber wear.

There are two different types of camber wear, positive camber wear and negative camber wear.

Positive camber wear occurs when your tire leans outward and negative camber wear occurs when your tire leans inward.

Excessive camber wear in any direction is bad and means your car may need wheel alignment.

Remedy on Tire Wear 

Noises or vibrations from your car can be a sign of wear on your tires. Tire wear and tear occurs when one side of the tire tread wears out faster than the other side.

alrashed tires fleet experts can help manage your tire maintenance program

timely, accurate and qualified service

For more information on boating programs, contact us for a detail inquiry.

alrashed tires has a truck dealership in the area that performs heavy duty truck repairs performed by training and certified technicians.

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