Goodyear launches URBANMAX COMMUTER

Goodyear is a leading tyre manufacturing company and it has a range of tyres dedicated for people mobility applications. The company has recently launched URBANMAX COMMUTER which is an all-purpose tyre designed to fulfill the needs of park & ride and inter-city transport buses. With the launch of this tyre, the company hopes to bridge the gap between long-distance rides and inter-city hauls. The increasing demand for inter-city or local transport enforced by governments in European countries is the precursor for the manufacturing of this tyre.

URBANMAX COMMUTER – Advanced features & Advantages

The tyre comes with an axle load capacity of 8 tons making it the perfect tyre for electric buses. It is a fully packed tyre with features that supports the transition from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles. Additionally, URBANMAX COMMUTER can be used on different types of vehicles including electric, hybrid, as well as diesel, or as Goodyear calls it; being Drive Ready.

So, this commuter tyre can be used on all types of vehicles with different load capacities and power requirements. This makes it easy for drivers as they no longer need to stock up on different tyres and figure out which goes where.

Due to increased CO2 emissions, the European governments are implementing strict policies for limiting or completely diminishing said emissions. Park and Ride services have been on the up in Europe and electric vehicles, due to less tread wear and zero emissions, are the best candidates for that. The URBANMAX COMMUTER tyre’s compatibility with EV buses makes it an ideal choice for inter-city bus rides.

Here are the advanced features and benefits of URBANMAX COMMUTER tyres.

  • Stronger sidewall construction – the decreased wear and damage is because the tyres are more resistant because of the stronger sidewall construction. In addition to being sustainable, these tyres also provide a comfortable journey for the passengers.
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification tag minimizes routine checkups and services as it provides data about the health of tyres. Embedded in every tyre, the RFID tag helps fleet operators and supervisors manage the tyres very well and alerts them about any issues that need urgent attention.
  • IntelliMax Grooves – the tyres are also manufactured with these grooves that reduce wear and enhance the stability and traction of the vehicles.
  • Flexomatic Sipes – these sipes along with tread blocks that interlock improve the traction of the vehicles when brakes are applied.
  • Retreadability – the retreadability of URBANMAX COMMUTER tyres accounts for sustainability, extended life, and reduced landfill generation during manufacturing.
  • 3PMSF – the tyres are also 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified which means that they can also run perfectly well in winter.

Increased demand for public transport across Europe

The proportionally increasing demand for travel and tourism and government-enforced policies for greener cities translates into increased demand for buses and coaches. Till the year 2027, the growth rate for these services will average 4.4%.

After the pandemic, fewer people come to cities to work and those that do, utilize park-and-ride services instead of driving their own vehicles. 30% of the total bus sales in the first half of 2022 were zero-emission vehicles and by 2027, these buses are expected to replace the buses with combustion engines. URBANMAX COMMUTER is the tyre of choice for EV buses as it is an Electric Drive Ready tyre.

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe, Goodyear, commented: “Goodyear expands its range with the URBANMAX COMMUTER after seeing a trend towards inter-city travel. The tyre includes all the latest structural and technological innovations.” He added: “Buses are an important part of decarbonising Europe’s cities, and this tyre gives an efficient platform for Zero Emission transport and provides grip no matter the season with its 3PMSF certified tread.”


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