goodyear rangemax rsd ev truck tire

Goodyear introduces its first EV tire specifically designed to handle higher-weight fleets

Goodyear has been striving towards providing top-notch tires to its customers using EVs and the latest RangeMax RSD tire is just what they need. The tire has been manufactured to be the most energy-efficient, durable, and high-performance. The tire is compatible with Electric Vehicles that are most commonly high-load transportation regionally.


The RangeMax RSD tire is a product of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company which was founded just ten years after the world saw its first automobile. Since 1898, the company has proven to be the most reliable name when it comes to tires.

Electric Vehicles offer a lot of benefits and perks and zero emission is their biggest advantage yet. After that comes the rush that you feel in your body when you hit the accelerator and experience the instant torque. While the torque is joyful for you and you may not get tired of it ever, it isn’t favorable for the longevity of tires.


As more and more people are shifting towards electric vehicles, the demand for EV tires increases. Goodyear anticipated the shift years ago and has been preparing for such times. The company launched its first EV-specific EfficientGrip Performance tire in 2018. The tire featured advanced Electric Drive technology and was able to handle more torque in EVs.


Goodyear didn’t stop at that but it moved towards the ElectricDrive GT tire which was released in 2021 and was meant for the likes of Tesla Model Y. These tires are said to be compatible with over 44% of all the EVs in the US. Goodyear is now moving towards vehicles that are manufactured using 90% sustainable material and RangeMax RSD tire is the company’s first step towards that.

Advantages of RangeMax RSD tire

Here are some of the advantages that RangeMax RSD tire provides:

  • The tire is versatile and in addition to EVs, it is also compatible with vehicles powered by gas and diesel.
  • The tire features Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake and Mud and Snow designations that assure improved performance in challenging weather conditions such as winter.
  • The tire comes with premium casing construction that makes it more durable, tough, and long-lasting
  • The tire is manufactured with an enhanced tread pattern that offers better control of the vehicle in tricky circumstances.

According to Goodyear, RangeMax RSD tire has been manufactured utilizing the following two technologies;

  • Ultra-low rolling resistance
  • Treadlock

These technologies offer better performance in terms of wear and increase the life of each tire. “The new RangeMax RSD strives to live up to its name and deliver the superior range and confidence that comes with ultra-low rolling resistance,” said Tom Lipello, Goodyear North America senior director, commercial marketing. He added, “With the continued growth we’re observing in the regional EV segment, changing powertrains and fleets’ cost-savings and sustainability priorities, Goodyear recognized an opportunity to provide fleets and original equipment manufacturers with a tire designed for the unique needs of these vehicles.”

The Goodyear RangeMax RSD EV tires are available in size 295/75R22.5.

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