Goodyear expands OTR tire lineup with “Powerload”

Goodyear keeps introducing new and improved tyres and this time at the ConExpo/ConAgg tradeshow in Las Vegas, it was the Off-The-Road (OTR) category in North America. All the bigger fleets in construction, loading, landscaping, and logistics support are getting new tyres that have improved traction and offer stability and durability.


This line of tyres is called Powerload and until now, it has E-2 (Traction) and L-2 (Flotation) versions that come in four sizes with more expected to reach the market later this year. The four sizes of these tyres currently in the market include 365/80R20, 365/70R18, 405/70R18 and 405/70R20. The Powerload tyres also feature electric drive readiness which means that they can be used for EVs as well as vehicles powered by gas and diesel.


Features of Powerload tyres

The most important features of this line of tyres include but are not limited to:

  • Electric Drive Readiness- in addition to diesel and hybrid vehicles, these tyres are ready to be used with electric vehicles. 
  • Smooth Guard Technology ®- with this technology, the tyres feature improved cut resistance and better casing production in the shoulder as well as sidewalls.
  • Flange cover protection- combined with a pry bar notch, flange cover protection keeps the soil and other foreign matter from being penetrated into the space between the rim and the tyre. Cover protection also makes mounting and dismounting tyres very easy.
  • Reinforced sidewall construction- Powerload tyres also have reinforced sidewall construction which means that they are much more stable, productive, and provide better maneuverability to the drivers. The tyres also greatly reduce bucket sway while loading.
  • Deep shoulder tread depth- this feature of the tyres lowers the cost-per-hour and increases mileage which is very favorable to the owners and drivers.
  • Non-directional tread design- this tread design of the tyres accounts for superb forward and lateral traction and is also the precursor for its self-cleaning properties which enables these tyres to work well continuously in tough conditions.


Part of the OTR (Off-The-Road) total mobility platform, the Powerload line of tyres provides better traction and aims to improve the durability, performance, and life of these tyres. Not only are these tyres reliable, but they also make it easy for drivers and fleet owners to manage their inventory and control the costs of stocking tyres. Customers nowadays look for performance, sustainability, and durability and Goodyear’s tyres feature all in one.


“The Powerload lineup lends versatility and toughness to any application thanks to the specially designed features and innovative technologies incorporated in the new lineup,” said Loic Ravasio, general manager, Goodyear Global & Americas OTR. He added, “Without a doubt, Powerload will help drive productivity and efficiency wherever it’s put to work.”


Debuted first in Europe over a year ago, the tyres have now been released in North America in limited sizes but more are to be introduced to the market soon. The Pwoerload line of tyres is being manufactured in one of Goodyear’s plants in Wittlich, Germany. The price of these tyres has not yet been disclosed.


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