When you do construction work, your construction fleet tires and truck is your life.

And when it comes to construction vehicles, tire life is just as important as engine life.

The longer you extend the life of your boat and tires, the more money you save to keep your business running smoothly.

So what’s the best way to extend the life of your boat and its tires?

Road preparation

How important is your road condition to you?

The way you transport your cargo plays an important role in the condition and life of your construction fleet tires.

  • A smooth, well-maintained driveway can help improve your fuel economy.
  • extend the life of your tires
  • improve productivity
  • reduce damage to your truck
  • provide a safer and quieter drive.

with less stress on your drivers and less space.

accidents related to road hazards.

Taking the time to plan, design, and maintain your driveway can be time-consuming and expensive, but it can be worth considering the lifespan of your truck.

Reduced vehicle load

The heavier the truck, the harder it is to operate and the more stress it has to bear.

Some aspects of weight, such as truck weight, are unavoidable, but there are many things you can do to reduce the weight of your boat.

If you are still detailing your boat, you can choose a small truck or a truck that uses lightweight materials such as aluminum.

You can also make sure that you do not leave tools or other equipment in the car while it is working.

Another thing you may want to consider is to carry only the fuel you need for the job instead of filling up the tank every time because fuel also adds weight.

Buy good tires

You should pay just as much attention to quality when purchasing tires for your construction vehicle as any other part of your truck, if not more so.

Your fleet depends on your tires for proper performance, so purchasing tires with less wear and tear can pay off big in terms of the life of your vehicle and the productivity you get out of it.

it came out.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to replace the better tires less often, so even if they cost a little more, the cost can be recouped.

Once you buy good tires, you need to take care of them.

This means making sure you have the correct wheel alignment and rotating the tires regularly.

It also means paying close attention to preventing tire wear and corrosion of the wheel between the beads.

By using a good seal, you can seal most of the stains inside.

Or if your tires often have large gouges on the sidewall, invest in a tire and wheel conditioner to ensure that the removal process is as easy as possible and your interior is well preserved.

Take care of your tires and they will take care of you.

Tire solution for goat boats

We have a number of innovative solutions that can help you keep your aircraft tires in operation, including:


No matter how well you prepare your roads, rocks, dirt and other debris

will find their way under your tires, potentially creating the risk of a flat tire.

This new sealant is designed to repair internal defects, keeping your tires on the road and increasing your productivity.

ECO SEAL reduces tire wear and tear time, reduces the risk of blowouts and air leaks

covers up to 1/4″ of punctures and is twice the size of the competition.

ECO SEAL also contains no glycol, so it offer seven times the corrosion resistance of competitors .

IMI’s white EcoSeal bag is black on the bottom and placed inside a metal frame.

Tires and tread protection:

Tires in aggressive parking environments are prone to scratches, and often have large gouges that cannot be sealed with commercial tire brands.

In these cases, you need to make sure that when you lower the tire, it will not have corrosion, scales or pits that can be damaged during the process.

Using IMI TOTAL TIRE PROTECTION will keep your tires safe while preventing corrosion, and protecting the tire’s inner and bead areas.


Your truck tires won’t do you much good if your wheels aren’t properly maintained.

Our easy-to-use inspection system provides a clear and easy way to determine which, if any, parts of your car’s build should be stretched.

With the check-to-measure method, there is no need to worry or wonder if your seeds are strong 

just take a quick look to see if the indicators are pointing in the right direction and you ready to go.

We understand your challenges when it comes to keeping construction projects running smoothly

we’re here to help with the best construction fleet tires, wheel and fuel economy solutions.

For more information on extending the life of your tires or to learn more about any of our solutions, call or contact us online today.

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