Choosing The Right Mower Tires

OTR Tire Demand Will Build in 2022, Say Manufacturers

Mower tires come in a variety of styles and tread patterns.

To make sure you choose the right tire product for your driving needs, it’s important to consider how the tire will be used.

Here are some common situations for using tires and some of the best products for each.

Is the mower used around the house or for mowing flat land?

Carlisle Turfsaver is an economical turf tire that is commonly found in many residential areas.

Although these tires do an excellent job of protecting the grass, they provide poor traction and are built in 2-4 constructions.

“Mower Tire”

  • Is the heater used in a commercial or stairwell?
  • Kenda K500 Super Turfs, Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S and Carlisle Turf Master are O.E. products.
  • Tires on commercial grade lawn mowers such as Skag, Kubota, John Deere and other freewheels.
  • They are made from 4-8ply depending on the tire size.
  • Heavy ply tires provide better stability when operating at lower psi.
  • 24x12x12, 26x12x12 and 22x11x10 are the most common sizes now.

the right mower tires

These tires are easier on turf and provide better traction than Turfsaver or entry level tires.

Carlisle Chevrons and Kenda Grasshoppers are often used O.E. and grasshopper mowers.

Although they provide better traction than most other mowing tires, they can damage grass due to such a large hole.

Are flat tires a problem and a common choice?

Having a flat tire is as common as any other accessory, in fact, it never seems to happen at the right time.

The Phantom Tire Liner is the fastest, most cost-effective way to help prevent tire wear.

It can close cuts up to a centimeter.

The Phantom is simply pumped into the tire through the valve.

It is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Carlisle offers the Reliance line of racing tires.

While this may be a great option for some mowers, the range of options is limited.

These products are offered as a base and wheels.

Please refer to the Carlisle product manual to confirm the fitment and wheel alignment to confirm suitability.

To search for tires in your size, please visit or call any alrashedtires store.

Our experts are ready to help you with your lawn, trailer, ATV and motorcycle tires.

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OTR Tire Demand Will Build in 2022, Say Manufacturers

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