About Al Rashed Tires

Al Rashed Tires is one of Al-Rashed Group dynamic and passionate companies that follows the trends of tires sector in constant evolution. Although the traditional way of purchasing tires and wheels is still very present, customers are buying more and more online from a variety of different companies. www.alrashedtires.com allows customers to shop for different brands and models of tires  online in order to find the tire that is best suited for their driving style in the comfort of their own homes. All of our online services meet or exceed those of any other major transactional websites.

Al Rashed Tires meets or exceeds all regulations and laws concerning the protection of your information while executing online transactions. We simplify online tire purchases and offer the best prices.

Al Rashed Tires is composed of a dynamic, professional and efficient team of trained experts ready to answer all of your questions.

What we do for you?

Al Rashed Tires has a mission to offer to all OTR & Truck vehicles owners an alternative source to purchase tires and wheels. Al Rashed Tires offers a wide variety of different brands and models at the lowest price. Al Rashed Tires guarantees a simple and efficient way to shop for high performance tires. Here on www.alrashedtires.com, we’re happy to help you, the customer, save money on tires by offering a wider selection of brands and models in order to fit to your needs, car and driving style while guaranteeing the lowest price.

Al Rashed Tires is committed to offer a variety of makes and models of OTR and Truck tires in order to make sure our customers find the tires best suited for their driving needs. We are also committed to offer an unbeatable service and guarantee that the information we collect and our payment methods are entirely secured and apply all standard laws and regulation concerning the protection of your personal information. All tires sold by Al Rashed Tires are brand new and are backed by the same warranties offered by any typical tire garage which is the manufacturer’s warranty. We are committed to offer the best quality tires and a superior customer satisfaction with a team of qualified and trained experts. Al Rashed Tires is also committed to offer a simple way to purchase your tires.

Each potential customer is free to shop and compare different tires and their prices without leaving the comfort of their own home at any given time of the day. One of our important commitments is to simplify shipping by either shipping at your home, at your office or even at your local garage, which ever solution accommodates you best. Shipping is quick and cost efficient and customers no longer have to lose precious time shopping and comparing different models at several different locations.

Al Rashed Tires is committed to remain leaders in the ever changing world of tires in Saudi Arabia. We make a commitment to offer the most recent technologies by always remaining informed of the new breakthroughs of various tire manufacturers, whether national or international. With our sense of professional ethics and social responsibility, Al Rashed Tires is committed to offer the best quality/priced tires with the best durability/performance. Thanks to environmental friendly tires available through Al Rashed Tires you can drive with peace of mind knowing you did your part to protect and preserve the natural resources that are used in the construction and fabrication process of the tires.

With more than 25 years in the tire business, with our young and qualified team of experts, with our dedication and devotion to bringing down prices and finally with our capability of purchasing directly from the source, Al Rashed Tires has the power to negotiate with some of the most important suppliers in Saudi Arabia, passing on the great savings directly to the customer. All of these savings result in lower prices every day. Our low prices, simply put, are explained by an impressive buying power amongst our suppliers, a broad marketplace and a simple and intuitive system.

Al Rashed Tires offers the possibility to shop online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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