10 Ways to Slow Commercial Trucking Tire Wear and Tear

Fleet managers know that Tires can have a negative impact on profits.

Replacement tires alone are the second biggest expense for a boat.

In our last article, we will share ways to stop the wear of commercial vehicle tires.

STTC’s TIA Certified Tire Technicians understand how to get the most out of your tire life.

We’ve put together 10 useful tips for extending the life of your commercial vehicle tires.

Maintain good inflation

The inflation pressure is directly related to the tire deflation rate.

Make sure your drivers do pre-departure inspections and air checks weekly or daily, depending on their route length and daily driving habits.

Maximum stress/load for Tire Wear and Tear

To get the best tire performance, you must ensure that the inflation pressure is correct for the load you are traveling with.

You can determine the correct air pressure for your commercial vehicle tires by gathering information about your vehicle’s axle load and comparing it to online charts available on many tire manufacturer websites.

Take it slow and slow

Traveling at high speeds increases the heat on your tires, causing them to wear out faster than necessary.

In fact, Goodyear data shows that when drivers increase their speed from 55 mph to 75 mph, they reduce their total mileage by 20% or more.

Perhaps one of the best ways to slow down a commercial tire.

Build your ship

Aggressive driving and braking can cause excessive wear and tear, not only on the tires, but on the hard-working components.

Don’t let the high demands on your transmission drive up your repairs and budget.

Then train tires even more:

Your drivers should also check their tire tread to catch premature and uneven tire pressure before it gets worse.

Ask them to constantly look or use their hands to look for anything wrong.

Compatible with replacement

Make sure that when you replace the tire, it fits or as much as possible with the tread and the tire in front of it in the same position.

Otherwise, a tire with a deep tread depth will wear out due to excessive friction.

Tire rotation

Rotating your tires allows them to wear properly by moving the tire from the back to the front and vice versa is one of the ways to speed up the wear of commercial vehicle tires (Tire Wear and Tear).

Tires can be rotated up to three, sometimes even four times and still perform well.

It’s a cost-effective way to extend tire life and maximize your boat’s budget while operating safely.

Don’t overlook the inner double layer

The inner tires of both assemblies are likely to be overlooked because they are difficult to check for proper inflation.

Give your inner duels some love by reviewing them regularly.

Know your tires expenses

A recent study found that many ship managers do not understand the reality of their expenses.

Make sure you know all the metrics related to tire pressure, as they can have important implications for other areas of performance, such as fuel economy.

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