We in Al Rashed Tires Co, Tires started our conveyor belt division in 2005. Today Al Rashed Tires Co, has grown to be one of the largest conveyer belt supplier & Total solution belt audit, service support like repair, installationand and vulcanizing provider for the Rubber Conveyer belt customers in the Region

Quality Safety Support is the watchword for the conveyer belt support team. Our manpower with over 10 years experience has been trained by having been trained by personnel of CBT-Canada certified by Goodyear have a reputation of completing every job on time every time.

We have already installed over 250,000 m of fabric cord 58,000 meters of Steel cord belts since 2005, also we have completed the 24 km Hadeed Y304 Y305 project from supply of belt to replacement within a shutdown of 13 days.

This is being enhanced with our relationship with some of the best brands in conveyer belts like Goodyear, Oriental India and MRF – India which supply us conveyer belts in Steel CORD-FABRIC CORD Heat Resistant, Oil Resistant, Fire Resistant, Abrasion Resistant etc. to suite customer’s requirement.